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Deep Scientific Search: Solved

Precise, thorough, fully automated literature search on ArXiv,
covering CS, ML, math, and physics

Used by researchers at

Results are

10-50x more accurate and comprehensive

compared to Google Scholar

Radically Complex Searches

Tackle complex problems with a single search

Our AI agent actually understands your complex goals and conditions. It also looks deep inside the full text of articles to evaluate them, so you don't have to.

Comprehensive Discovery

Provably find every paper on your topic

Our agent systematically explores the literature like a human scientist. By tracking this process, we can determine when all the papers have been found.

Convergence rate of paper discovery

Stunning Accuracy

Key papers are highlighted with ~98% accuracy

Our system strongly filters out irrelevant results and highlights the precise papers you should focus on, giving a clear explanation for each decision.

How Undermind classifies papers

A 10-50x better search experience

Comparing Undermind to traditional search
Our AI agent understands your complex topic, systematically searches to gather all precisely relevant papers for you, and explains its reasoning